Payment on

To make your life easier, offers several payment methods, so that everyone can make their purchases in the way that suits them best.

You can choose one of these 2 payment methods:

– Payment by credit card

– Cash on shipping.

Payment by credit card

Unquestionably the easiest and fastest way; it only takes a few clicks and your order is sent to you.

On OCCO, you can make your purchases with a Moroccan bank card as well as with a foreign card.

Thanks to its partnership with CMI (The operator of Electronic Commerce in Morocco) and the Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI), OCCO guarantees you a completely secure electronic payment. Your personal data (identity, card number…etc.) are entirely encrypted and used only during the CMI transaction.

OCCO does not keep any credit card numbers.

The online payment system managed by CMI is based on technologies and concepts recognized by e-commerce experts worldwide and is governed by national and international laws and regulations.

The payment system is certified by CMI, VISA, MasterCard, and all Moroccan banks.

Payment on shipping

This method of payment also requires processing time. Once your order is placed on our site, it remains pending validation until it is examined by the fraud control department. If everything is in order, it is validated, and an email is sent to you stating that your order has been validated.

Your package will then be shipped and once you have received it, you will pay your order directly to the shipping person at the time of shipping.